Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New Website Gallery

Tuesday 14th January 2014.

What a busy day today has been, started off early as usual, walk the dog, check emails, none, check sales and webstore views.

Then off to meet Gregg from for a discussing and show how to amend the gallery on my main website.

Having installed the process was really easy to understand, and believe me, if its not a piece of wood or a paint brush, I will get confused.

Check it out.

I think you will agree, the lay out of the gallery and the picture quality are so much better.  It really allows you to see how intricate my work is and how the finished items looks.  I still have  few more tweeks and adjustments to make but I am really pleased so far.

The customer order I posted last is nearly completed now and I will post a picture shortly of the finished item.  I have sent a progress picture to the customer and she is really pleased with it, always great to hear that, really boosts my confidence :).

I have moved the featured artist page to the gallery page now and renamed it as Promoted Art Work.  Having checked out the price for posting pictures on other websites or placing them in exhibitions, I have come up with a really great value option for people who would like to see if their own website is viable, just click the link in the gallery and have a read of the service I am offering.

Well, I had better get on with some more work now so I will post again once more items have been completed or if I have any other news to inform you about.

Thanks for reading


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