Friday, 17 January 2014

New Product Ideas

New Product Ideas

After a very busy week, what with computer work and making customer orders, its a good feeling to be able to sit down on a Friday night, relax and think of some new ideas.

I went to see my friend Mary at Magik-Earth in Shirley, Southampton and we had a good long chat and I was introduced to a couple of her friends,  one of which was a witch that is specialised in herbs and potions and also carries out Palm Readings.  Very interesting lady and showed great interest in my products, as well as my palm.

Whilst visiting Mary, I was mentioning some Green man Tea light Holders that I had made,
I will post some pictures up on Facebook soon.  It was suggested to me about putting crystals in the eyes of the Green Man so that they light up when the tea light is burning.  Cool!! got home and set about doing just that.  Ummmm, may need a bit of refining but the prototype looks great.

More orders have been received, :) always good to get orders, I thrive on being busy, it really helps me with some of my personal issues too.  I guess it will mean more computer work when they are finished though, hey ho, can't be having fun all of the time :)

Having now sold my 2 faerie house incense burners, they are really popular, I will have to make another batch so keep your eyes open on my Facebook Page and website for them.  I will also be making some bigger ones for the garden, toying with having ones where the door can be opened and the shutter too, but need to have a think about that.

Will definitely be making more mobiles and wind chimes, pagan ones and faerie ones.  Always open for ideas if anyone have any though.

Well, it is Friday night and I think it's time for me to shut the brain down for a wee while, so thank you for all your continued support and I will post again next week.


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