Tuesday, 18 November 2014

New Age Carvings Update - 18/11/20124

Hi everyone, 
Sorry for the long break from posting something new, but New Age Carvings has been 
really busy which is great news to report.

Where, do I start, I know, Facebook.

Well, I am totally amazed at how my Facebook page is being received and I had a goal of 1000 likes before this year is out, well, thank you to everyone for your continued support and really great comments I am pleased to announce that I am now reaching 2000 likes.  Totally blown away by its success to be honest but totally grateful too.  Thank you all :)

New Age Carvings has also taken to the air in the form of Twitter.  I haven't been registered for very long so progress is slow at the moment, however, I hope by people reading this, they will go in and follow me #NEWAGECARVINGS.  You will receive all my latest posts as they are made to Facebook so you will get to see new items or projects where ever you are.

I have been busy making new items too, some of you may have seen them as they have been posted up on Facebook, however, for those of you who haven't, here are a few of them.




New Age Carvings has also been out on the road and held a stall at the Wandering Witches fare in Waterlooville Community Centre on Sunday 16th November 2014.  It was a great event and it was so good to see so many stall holders and busy customers.  There was live entertainment in the form of live bands and the whole day was a great success.

I'd like to thank the Wandering Witches for arranging and running this great event and all of the people who came to see me and my items on the day.

As the Christmas season draws nearer, I will now be concentrating on making customer orders and new items for the new year, however, I will remain open for orders and requests throughout the festive period.  

Well, I think that has brought things up to date for you all and once again, thank you everyone for your continued support.


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