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Latest news on New Age Carvings 04-03-2014

Latest News on New Age Carvings 04-03-2014

I can't believe how time has flown since my last update, I must apologise for this.

Where do I start, well, I have been really busy sourcing new materials, this has involved trips to distant places :) good to get out and about as I do find it hard to do that, so its a great achievement when I manage it.  One of my journeys took me to Selsey beach to collect a table, it also gave me a chance to see what horrific damage the storms had done to the coast line there.

The seats at the top car park area where covered with stones, as was the carpark, quiet frightening really to consider the strength of the water. The few pictures below show what the sea had done to the coast line.

The table that I collected is still yet to be carved and this will be coming later in the year but it well worth the journey.

Along with this trip, another trip took me to another coast line, Lee on The Solent.  Not very often do you see a tree on the beach, driftwood yes, tree, uh, no but sure enough, there it was.

I digress, I know you are all wanting to know what I have been making and what is coming up.  

The first thing that is new to my store are the Door / House Plaques.  Ideal as a gift or just to dress up the entrance to your home, these hand carved plaques are one of my smaller items and have been really popular.

Next came the Blue Dragon plaque.  Wow I loved doing this item, well I would, I love dragons and this one was a stunner.  Loads of people liked it which really pleased me and needless to say it didn't stay in my store very long either.

The trips to the sea fronts were productive as it gave me a chance to find some nice pieces of drift wood and this gave me another new idea, Pendants with celtic designs or just highly polished plain wooden ones. Another really popular item and one that I am really pleased to have made.

There have been many other items produced and all of them can be seen in my portfolio or in my store.  With regards to new items coming.  I am about to start another large project, a coffee table with celtivc knotwork, Ivy and Triquetra symbols.  I am looking forward to starting this one, been a while since I have done a large item and getting itchy fingers.

I will be attending a New Age Fare in St Denys, Southampton on 29th March 2014, so please come on down to see me, it will be good to see you and I will have lots of items available and will be taking orders for any special items required.

My next update will be after this date but look out for live posts from the fare, its going to be a great day and lots of things going on all around.

Thank you for your time and please leave comments if you like these bloggs or if there is something you would like to see more of in them :)

Kind regards
New Age Carvings

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