Monday, 11 July 2016

New Age Carvings 2016

Its been a while since I have posted a Blogg on how the business is doing and believe me, there is allot to inform you all of.

Since May 2015, New Age Carvings has been growing in popularity both online and in retail outlets and it has been great to see it grow.  Items have been supplied to 2 retail outlets and an artisan outlet and all have been really successful and I hope to be able to maintain these outlets as suppliers.

There have been many new items made and sold and I have expanded my skill base by teaching myself painting on canvas.  Its been an interesting learning curve and feel it will be a great addition to my product range.

Along with the smaller items I have been producing, I have also taken on some new project pieces, A wolf Dream Catcher designed table, Celtic Knot work engraved table and my biggest commissioned items, a pirates themed Barrel Coffee table.  All of these items can be viewed on my website.

As ever, I am always looking to produce more of the bespoke items that can not be purchased elsewhere and continue to use reclaimed materials.  Its just amazing how many people throw perfectly good items out, good news for me and good new for my customers as I can continue to keep my prices reasonable.

My online store is up and running and I have had a great response from customers all around the world as well as here at home.  Although I never carry much stock, mainly due to space for storage here at home, the items I do carry are all bespoke.  Some of them are also available at Magik-Earth in Shirley, Southampton, the only New Age store in the area and fit in nicely with the other items being stocked.

I have recently purchased a van, so I am now able to deliver items to my local areas, mainly the larger items which can not be sent by couriers and that way, I can assure they will arrive safely.

On a sadder note, my precious little pal passed away in April which has left a large hole in my life.  He was 15 1/2 yrs old and we had a great life together.  Full of fun and bossiness he kept me going and gave me encouragement when I felt low.  I therefore felt I had to produce a memorial painting of him for myself and he is now in pride of place above my work area.

I will do another blogg at the end of this year, but for now I will leave you with some pictures of my latest items.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you continue to follow me and my business as it grows.


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